Linda Lively Yuan’s Genealogy

James E. Lively
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9 July 1927


16 Dec 1999

Birth Location

Evansville, IN

Death Location

Evansville, IN


June Foster

1 Aug 1928


16 Jan 2008


Evansville IN


Evansville IN



Ernest Allen Lively


Amelia F. Maag






James E. Lively Jr

1947, Evansville, IN 1982, Hardin County, KY

Linda Lively Yuan

1949, Evansville IN


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James E Lively was born in Evansville Indiana. He was the son of Ernest Lively and Amelia Fredia Maag He had three brothers, Allen, Clovis and John Lively His wife was June Foster Lively who he married in 1945 They had two children James E Lively Jr and Linda Lively. He was survived also by two granddaughters, Stacey and Leah. 

Jim was an avid hunter and enjoyed the outdoors. He was a Kentucky colonel. As his daughter I only remember him as a very kind man who enjoyed his friends and family He enjoyed boating and hunting and helping others.

James Lively was a Marine in the Korean War
My father was a witty man. He had a huge circle of friends and family. He owned Lively Machine Shop for many years. He also worked at Bucyrus Erie. My own legacy is leaving a part of myself and trying to preserve my family heritage. 

I miss my father so much. He taught me so much about life. Seldom had a harsh word to say about anyone. I treasure my Dad and his memories.

His eulogy:

I first met Jim Lively six months ago when I first moved to Evansville. Then, he was just my fiancee's father, an incredibly likable guy with a dry sense of humor and the twinkle of mischief in his eye.

It was only in the ensuing months that I came to realize that Jim was so much more than just a loving husband and father, more than just a successful businessman and hunter and fisher and naturalist.

Over time, I came to discover the nature of the man, his selflessness, and his concern for others. I heard stories of the businesses that would have never existed with out his wisdom, the lives that stayed on the straight and narrow because of his guidance, the friendships that have endured because of his intense loyalty. I saw it in the eyes of his concerned friends as they visited him in the hospital.

I also saw the indomitable will and strength of he man as he discovered tat the cancer had returned, as he endured the agony of the chemotherapy and finally, as he lived the last moments of his life. Even then, his thoughts were of his family and friends. It was not until he was assured that they would be taken care of that he finally let himself go.

Through his tears, Jeff Raben told me in the hospital that Jim Lively was the man who helped so many over the years and never asked for anything in return and I'm so gratified to see so many here to pay their erspects in an attempt to give that little bit back. What could be more appropriate than for him to be laid to rest than surrounded by his family and friends, no, his family and his adopted family.

On Friday, June told me that Jim was on a long hunting trip. I believe that to be true,

So think of him the next time you look up in the skies and see a V of geese winging their way across the Autumn sky and know that Jim's hand will true your aim.

And think of him the next time you feel the strike of that big rock fish on your line and know that his hand will help guide it to the net.

And the next time you view the dawn's first glow lighting your hunting blind, know that it's Jim, looking down on you.

Don't you just all know that Jim already has a nickname for St Pete and God himself. We'll just have to wait a while to find out what it is.

And in the meanwhile, know that it will be a long time before another such as Jim Lively walks among us again.

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